Morning Radio Show Surprises Terminally Ill Teen with Shitty Morning Radio

This is an ancient artifact known as a radio.

ATLANTA–The Wild Bob and the Squirt morning radio show set up broadcasting equipment outside the hospital room of terminally ill teen Jacob Hefsler this morning with the aim of surprising the teen. According to Hefsler, they absolutely did.

“I couldn’t believe anyone listens to that show,” Jacob, 14, told reporters. “They just gossip to kill time between commercial breaks.”

The morning show, broadcasting to the Atlanta area for 13 years, ranks 15th in Atlanta, just edging out the Slap & Tickle morning show in last place.

Show personality Daniel “The Squirt” Peterson, whose role on the program involves underscoring punchlines through the use of sound effects and raucous laughter revealed that, in retrospect, the stunt was ill conceived.

“It was pretty awkward. I did the slide whistle thing for him like five times and he just stared at me,” said Peterson, who added “Booyah! Oh yeah! Squirted!”