Morning Banana: Park ATLANTA’s Ticketing Antics and New City Survey

Holy Banana! ELL OH ELL PHOTO: Martin Abegglen

ATLANTA–The AJC took a short reprieve from articles about death and dismemberment this morning to write about esteemed parking vultures Park ATLANTA, who have been asked to amend their ticketing practices.

Link to AJC article:

The article, by Ernie Suggs reads:

PARKatlanta, the company charged with enforcing Atlanta’s parking rules, will no longer be able to write tickets where parking signs are missing or blocked by foliage or other obstacles, and where meters are not functioning, after the Atlanta City Council amended the controversial seven-year contract.

We may be reading that wrong, but it sounds as if Park Atlanta was previously free to ticket anyone they felt might be in the wrong, regardless of whether that person knew it or not.

“Oh you didn’t see the no parking sign?” they might very well have asked, hypothetically. “Well that’s probably because it’s behind that obstacle there. And some foliage. And that leopard.”

In other news, actual real-life mayoral Mayor Kasim Reed wants to know what you think of Atlanta, which is why there’s now a survey to tell him your thoughts, as reported by the AP and Fox Atlanta.

Link to survey is here:

Check it out and let the city know how much you do or don’t love it. We’re using it for a write-in mayoral campaign: