MLK’s Speech Updated For Today’s Youth: I Haz Dream


ATLANTA – The King Center will publish a copy of Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech in language that today’s “smartphone generation” can better comprehend. Titled “The I Haz Dream Project”, copies of the speech are available online. The move was announced via a press conference held on Auburn Avenue today by Dr. Jerry Fenner.

“It’s quite simple,” Fenner said to the assembled reporters. “Dr. King’s speech was so important in the lives of so many, we simply must do everything we can to bring that message to as many people as possible, including today’s shockingly stupid kids.”

Fenner went on to say that the idea came to him after friending his nephews on Facebook.

“Today’s idiot kids don’t communicate like we did, by passing notes in class, or reading comic books. They add poorly-spelled text to pictures of cats and email them to one another or post them on Internet sites. I don’t claim to understand it, but if that’s how things are done these days then we’d be fools not to get on board.”

“I mean really,” Fenner continued. “The Internet is the most technologically advanced thing ever created by man, and it’s pretty much all cats and porn. I weep for the future we will have with our children at the helm. Seriously. I weep.”

It is unclear at this time what effect the translation of Dr. King’s speech will have, but Fenner’s nephew Jason had this to say via his Facebook page: