Men’s Rights Activists Demand Herbs be Rebranded as “Hisbs”

Ain't nobody got thyme for that. PHOTO: Evan-Amos

CLEVELAND, OH–Men’s Advocacy Now, a group headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, announced today that that what they refer to as the “matriarchy of oppression,” has to end. The group released a statement which said that a strong first step in that direction would be to scrub the English language of its “unnecessary feminization.”

The list includes the word “herbs,” which the group claims would be just as useful and less harmful to men’s rights if it were instead “hisbs.” Other words Flagley would like to see changed include changeing the word “leather” to “leathhim,” “feather” to “feathhim” and referring to baby birds not as “chicks,” but as “dudes.”

“When I look around me, all I see is female oppression,” said Roger Flangley, director of Men’s Advocacy Now. It’s time for a change in the weathhim.”