Mayor Kasim Reed Denies 2nd Term due to Cold Weather

It's just too cold to mayor.

ATLANTA–Reelected mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed, shocked reporters and assembled officials yesterday at his inauguration ceremony. Instead of giving his planned acceptance speech, the mayor elect announced that he would give up his post due to cold temperatures in the state.

“I simply had no idea it could be this cold here,” said former Mayor Reed. “I don’t have a big enough coat for this, so forget it. Someone else can mayor.”

The mayor then left the stage and returned to his home, where sources report he built a nice fire, put on some warm socks, and made some hot cocoa. State officials are tight lipped about the repercussions of the mayor’s actions, but agreed that he “probably can’t do that.”


  1. Slight error in your reporting, he actually went home to drink a hot Coca-Cola, not hot chocolate.

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