MARTA Announces Promotional Pop Band: Singletrackin’

Pictured: Jonas Brothers and their moms.

ATLANTA, GA–The Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, or MARTA, announced this morning that they’d use a pop band to raise their brand image in the city. Called “Singletrackin’,” the band will be comprised via an “American Idol” style competition.

Hopefuls are encouraged to be able to sing, dance, and name every stop on the MARTA rail system alphabetically, as well as answer a quiz about train arrival times and safety procedures.


  1. They should have people compete to see how long they can last outside on the platform waiting for the train with no pants on, during a holiday weekend that they are single tracking. They could combine the best elements of the annual No Pants Ride and the Polar Vortex, with the winner being anyone that can withstand hypothermia for that long.

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