Lunar Science Thanks You for the Grainy As Fuck Supermoon Instagram

This is the kind of shit that is useful to science. Not grainy crap. PHOTO: Gregory H. Revera

Hey guys, Dr. Wolfgang von Were, Professor of Lunar Science here, just letting you know we really appreciate the grainy as fuck photos you took of the moon last night. NOT!

Seriously you call that lunar science? You should leave imaging of extraterrestrial bodies to the experts and go back to photographing your plate of asparagus or appletinis or whatever.

I went to school for a lot of years to learn how to image the moon, and no amount of hashtags are going to make your photos even come close, so just don’t even try. Hashtag amateur. Hashtag you are not a scientist. Hashtag suck it!

Seriously, you make me — and I think I speak for the entirety of Lunar Science here — laugh.