Lunar Enthusiasts Mesmerized by Butt Moon

Space butt!

ATLANTA, GA–This week’s lunar eclipse offered a rare treat to any metro Atlantans who stayed up late enough to view it: the so-called “Butt Moon.” Lunar scientists say the butt moon is only visible during a lunar eclipse, and is caused by Earth’s shadow mixed with a parallax effect thanks to heavy Earth pollution. The result is a distortion of the moon’s appearance which resembles human buttocks.

Atlantans gathered with telescopes, binoculars, and smartphones stupidly held up to telescopes to catch a glimpse or Instagram of the butt moon.

“Looking up into space, it really makes you think,” said Neil T. Hasstyson, 27. “What tags should I use with this? Besides nofilter, obviously.”

The next butt moon will be visible in the fall to most North Americans.