Local Teen Deeply Moved by Parents Favorite Song

PHOTO: Ricky Cain

VALDOSTA, GA–Local teen Sophia Durnkler, 13, revealed via verbal agreement as well as social media posts that she was deeply moved by the song “The Space Between,” by the Dave Matthews Band. The song, which rose to the top ten charts in 2001, around the time Sophia was conceived and ultimately born, is a favorite of parents Chuck and Barbara Durnkler.

“I just love it so much,” said Sophia. “Like, when people literally are playing a guitar. Like, a guitar. I can’t even. Gah!”

Chuck and Barbara Durnkler are proud of Sophia’s music choices. “I don’t always understand Sophia’s mode of speech, but we do listen to Dave Matthews almost exclusively in this house. Anything you’d need or want from a recording artist is right there in his discography, and Sophia, despite her young age, can see that too. I think.” said Chuck Durnkler, a general contractor.

Barbara Durnkler was so moved that she wiped a single tear from the corner of her eye as she nodded. “Everyday,” she added. “I mean, that’s the album name. But also how often we listen to DMB.”