Local Actor Back From L.A. Awkwardly Serves Appetizers to Former Coworkers

Memorizing table numbers should be no problem after memorizing all of Taxi Driver. PHOTO: Archibald Ballantine, Flickr

ATLANTA – Though up-and-coming actor Adam Baum’s Facebook page has his current location set to Los Angeles, Val Vita, Regional Sales Manager for Southeastern Mutual Life, told reporters Tuesday that she and fellow co-workers were surprised when he appeared as their lunchtime server at Murphy’s Restaurant in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta.

“It was a little awkward at first,” said Vita, who added that, Baum, 32, quit his position with very little notice as a sales associate nine months ago because he felt that the day job was holding back his acting career. “I told him he was making a huge mistake but all of his Facebook & Twitter updates were about how great he was doing in California …. and lots of inspirational quotes. Imagine my embarrassment to face him again after being so wrong.”

“He says he’s just back in town and staying with his parents for a few months until pilot season,” she added. “then he told us about the day’s specials.”

Restaurant employees said that Baum’s raw & emotional acting technique is really sight to behold.

“I saw him beg and plead with a server to take over Table 7 for him,” said cook, Victor Trolla. “He never raised his voice above a whisper and it was one of the most emotional performances I had ever seen. I was moved! We were so busy that the server refused. Adam took a moment, gathered himself and went back out there like nothing was wrong. Man that guy can really act!”

“I really admire him.”, Trolla continued. “He gave up a job with a great salary, health insurance and other benefits to pursue his dream. Just watching him bring them their grilled lamb skewers and not make eye contact is an inspiration! I wish I had the balls to do something like that. ”

Southeast receptionist, Kay Zoo, reported that Baum had been taking on-camera acting and improv classes for about a year prior to his big move. “Taking orders for 5 people and not writing it down is probably nothing when you’re used to memorizing TV and movie scripts all the time. I’m jealous of his talent.”