[Letter from the Editor] Our Photography Contest was a Failure

PHOTO: Denoir

I thought it would be fun to hold a photography contest in the month of December, so I offered $100 as a prize and gathered some of my favorite minds in Atlanta visual art to help me judge. My goal was to boost the number of Creative Commons images of Atlanta available for anyone to use, for free. That and maybe to have a little fun.

You can see the contest information here.

I was pleased that my judges seemed to think the contest idea was a good one. In fact, Veronica Kessenich of Atlanta Contemporary even upped the ante for the winner by offering entry into their Contemporary Creatives program, which made me feel like I was on the right track.

There was just one problem: We did not receive a single entry. Not one.

Maybe people didn’t like the idea of releasing their images to Creative Commons. Maybe I didn’t offer enough money. Maybe no one knew it was going on. I did blast it to all our social media streams, but I also noticed that Facebook was extremely reluctant to show any posts with words like “contest” in it to anyone.

As you know, Facebook works hard to get outlets like the Atlanta Banana to ask people to “like” our page, but as for actually showing our content to people who “like” us, well, that costs money.

At any rate, the contest failed to attract any entries, and that’s most likely my fault. I’d like to thank our judges, Mark, Matthew, Dane, and Veronica, for enthusiastically offering their time.

In the immortal words of Ansel Adams, “Well, shit.”