Letter From the Editor: Mayoral Post Removed

Editor is latin for "editor."

This morning I ran an article about the mayor of our fine city, Kasim Reed, in which we described him as wearing a hockey mask to work and “scaring the shit” out of his staff.

This afternoon I was contacted in an extremely friendly and professional manner by the Mayor’s head of communications, who asked me to please take down the post for fear that it might be taken seriously.

The representative then expressed her opinion that Atlantans “don’t get” satire, which I don’t agree with at all, but after some consideration I do think the post could be construed as actually having happened.

While I think that Mayor Reed has to expect having a little fun poked at him from time to time because he’s a public figure, I also think it’s The Atlanta Banana’s responsibility to be ridiculous enough that anyone who takes our articles seriously is clearly out of their minds.

Let me be clear: I took the post down completely of my own volition at the polite request of the Mayor’s office.

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Your Internet Pal,
James C. Hodgson, Jr
Editor In Chief