Letter from the Editor: Atlanta Banana Live!

Editor is latin for "editor."

ATLANTA–The Atlanta Banana owes huge thanks to everyone who came out to see The Atlanta Banana Live last night. We laughed, we joked, and we raised money for Team in Training and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

We enjoyed some hilarious comedy MC’d by the likes of Ben Owen (@br_owen), who is from England and has limitless patience for jokes about his accent. If you’re not familiar with England, it looks like this:

Little known fact: England is made up of a few smaller countries, called Bobbies.

Next up was the inimitable Neal Reddy (@NealLovesYou), who causes nervousness near airplanes due to his facial hair, which is known to local authorities as “Beard Ladin.” Neal has some peculiar methods for preparing himself to perform comedy, captured here on film for the first time in history.

Neal welcomes fingers in his bellybutton.
Ben Owen and Neal Reddy discuss the relative merits of attack monkeys vs. defense monkeys.

Also using a microphone to transform his own thoughts into other people’s laughter was Mike Albanese (@BigManMike), who has been trained by Neal Reddy’s romantic comedy movies to always buy a baguette at the grocery store even though no one really does that.

Mike is taller than the other two comics, so he's allowed to have sex with their wives.

Once the standup comics sat down, the improv powerhouse comprised of Nick Tapp (@tappdaddy), Eric “Dutch” Van de Steeg (@_Dutch), Tripp Crosby (@trippcrosby), and Mark Arum (@MarkArum) took the stage and immediately began acting all weird like they were possessed or something.

Here they are before the show arguing over how best to tell yours truly, James C. “Jim” Hodgson (@jimhodgson) how to scrap one of my jokes.

Hey, you know what would make this joke better? Not having been written.

Thanks as always to the amazing people at Scoutmob for supporting us for no reason other than they really are into local Atlanta stuff, and thanks to Smith’s Olde Bar for hosting us!

Your Editor In Chief,
James C. Hodgson

P.S. Check out all photos of the event here.