“King of Mops” Cart Files for Bankruptcy Hours After Opening

"Get your fresh mops here!"

PONCEY HIGHLANDS– Snevin Allen always thought he had a mind for business.  “I’ve always been very good at noticing trends, from a very young age.” Perhaps true, but the midtown Atlanta resident might have jumped the gun on his latest venture: a cart devoted to selling both new but mainly used mops. He filed bankruptcy papers by the end of his first day.

“I don’t get it—carts are so hot right now,” Allen complained. Even the highly touted location he managed to procure, the Buddy’s parking lot on North Highland and North Avenue, would not help Allen sell his product. Being directly next to local cart phenom the King of Pops may have hindered him further. “I guess there’s only room for one king in this lot,” said Allen.

According to Poncey HIghlands resident Bernabus Turner, however, the lack of demand was not the issue.

“I actually had left my house with the intention of purchasing a street-mop. I usually find a local tuff behind the Texaco that has one for a reasonable price, but when I saw Snevin’s legitimate stand, I was excited to purchase it legally,” said Turner. Unfortunately for Allen, the transaction would not come to fruition. “His body odor and general sense of snarkiness threw me off.  He also swore in front of neighborhood children.  Not my type of Mop Guy.”

As to his future plans, Allen is still convinced about the power of the cart. “I’ve still got a bunch of ideas. The King of Flops would literally slay on most corners. Actually, don’t print that I wouldn’t want anyone stealing that.”


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