Jesus Admits to Participating in Easter Egg Hunt

Ay man, there's eggs here.

SUGAR HILL, GA–Awaited Messiah of Christianity, Jesus Christ, assumed the form of a mortal human child this weekend in order to participate in an Easter egg hunt. The Father and the Holy Ghost, in addition to a Host of cherubim and seraphim, surprised Jesus as He was enjoying a handful of malted chocolates prized from a plastic container shaped like a bird’s egg.

Jesus sheepishly addressed the Holy Host and theological scholars minutes later.

“All right, look,” said the son of God. “I know we’re not supposed to do Easter Eggs or Easter Bunny stuff on account of the whole Pagan fertility thing. I realize it runs contrary to our Message. But dang it, Easter Egg hunts are just good clean fun.”

The Father and the Holy Ghost, who, with Jesus, form the Holy Trinity, remained intransigent, as did the cherubim and seraphim. Some even expressed shock and alarm at Jesus eating handfuls of bird eggs, even when Jesus pointed out that they were merely delicious chocolate.

“All right, fine, be that way,” said Jesus, seemingly exasperated. “Just trying to have some fun.”