If GA 400 Tolls Are Removed, I’ll Have To Drive Next To Poor People

GA400 is our roadway version of a VIP room. PHOTO: Evilarry

If you think I want to be near poor people, you are probably a gross poor person. Do you honestly think I live in a mansionette in Alpharetta because I want to rub shoulders with the kind of filth that live in West Cobb or East Gwinnett? Are you out of your mind?

Sure, some questionables are allowed on GA400 north of 285, but it’s mostly young families who live in the apartment farms off Northridge or Abernathy. I can live with them if I have to, especially since I start seeing them south of exit 7 in the morning and they turn off at 285. If the tolls were removed I’d have to drive with them all the way to my office at Lenox. Can you imagine?

Real life has very important persons, and I am one of them. There’s no reason why our roadways shouldn’t have VIP areas just for those of us who can afford to be elevated from the rabble.

Atlanta has a hot lifeblood of money that runs from the privileged neighborhoods north of town right down into the city, and poor people are only going to clog that artery. Mark my words.

Don’t do it. Don’t remove the tolls. In fact, it should be raised, I think. You can even use the money to send some poor kids to school or something as far as I’m concerned. Just keep their parents diverting around to I-85 or I-75 where they belong.

Chadler Worthington out.