I Posted on Facebook About A Missing Girl After They’d Already Found Her and Now I Feel Like an Idiot

Im glad they found her, but I wish they'd taken about twelve hours longer.

Thanks a lot, friends. Here I am, doing the best I can for my fellow man, or in this case an abducted child, and all I get is the overwhelming sense that I am a colossal idiot. Can I help it that I’m not following every little news update every second of the day? No, I cannot.

I saw the amber alert earlier in the day, but then I got distracted by providing for my fucking family. You know, that thing that I do with my time? So I posted the info about that poor missing girl a few hours later when I had a second to spare, and my so-called friends all make fun of me because she’s already been found.

I’m helping to find a lost girl here. Fuck me, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she’s found and all. I’m just saying. Some of us have to work. Some of us have to attempt to maintain a family life of some kind. These things take time, guys.

I’m glad she’s safe. I just wonder why I feel like an asshole. I didn’t abduct anyone.