How To Locate Atlanta Traffic Problems Without Using GPS


Regrettably, there are some Atlantans who still struggle through day to day life without the benefit of a smart phone. How do these poor souls take selfies? How do they post those selfies for others to ignore? What do they do instead of interacting with their families? We shudder to speculate.

The tragedy of unconnected life aside, we are proud to announce a “life hack” for locating Atlanta traffic without the use of a smartphone. The procedure is simple, but for some reason the cell phone providers don’t want us to know about it. Corporate hegemony as usual.

Here’s how to locate the traffic problems:

  • Open any note taking application, or text a list to yourself.
  • Make a list of every road you will be taking to your destination. Use a paper map to help if need be.
  • Save the list, or text it to yourself or a friend.
  • Open it a second time and look over the list of roads.
  • There will be a traffic problem of some kind on one of them

You’re welcome, Atlanta!