How to Bother a Famous Person in Atlanta

Celebrities are people too, just much better looking and far more wealthy. PHOTO: k1ng

Atlanta’s profile is on the rise, thanks to some favorable tax incentives for the television and movie industries, and that means we’re seeing a lot more famous people around our streets. This, in turn, means every-day schlubs have a greater chance of running into said celebs and bothering the shit out of them.

What’s In It For Us, The Schlubs: Social Media Relevance

If you bother a celebrity, you are guaranteed way more Facebook likes and retweets than your usual statuses get. Even better, it means a lot less responsibility than the normal means of accruing praise. No longer is it necessary to get married, adopt a dog, or finish your first 5k.

Remember that person you wish you could someday get with? Remember that person you used to get with but they wised up and left? A photo of you and the right famous person could get you a “like” or “favorite” from both of those people. Maybe even a retweet, if they still follow you. Love is in the air, folks!

How To Find Celebs to Bother

The good news is that many of the same places celebs go allow the unwashed masses inside as well. Don’t bother putting on your nicest cargo shorts and heading out to some fancy restaurant, though. No way!

First of all, figure out where the production is taking place. This will be easy because everyone who lives or works nearby will upload distant photos of the site. Simply go hang around in bars near there and wait for your ticket to FB fame to come strolling in.

Failing that, think of a place that a production assistant on a movie shoot would describe as “quintessentially” Atlanta. You know, places like the Varsity, the Clermont Lounge, or the Clermont Lounge (listed twice because it is just that “quintessential”). Then go there and wait. Sooner or later someone famous is bound to show up, just asking to be bothered. Success!


Don’t forget: famous people owe you because you have seen their faces often. That’s how that works. Don’t be afraid to walk up to them and make them wish they’d never visited our city!