Homeless Man Still Funemployed

Home, sweet home. PHOTO: Wayne Wilkinson

ATLANTA–Area homeless man, Terrence Roberts, took a break from scouring apartment dumpsters for food scraps to inform the Atlanta Banana that he’s been funemployed for 38 years strong now.

Roberts, who dropped out of school at 13 to escape an abusive home, says that he’s glad he’s not shackled to an employer’s insurance plan considering all the uncertainty in the healthcare industry these days.

“And you really can’t put a price on the creative freedom,” said Roberts while looking for the expiration date on an open can of tuna.

Funemployment, a word coined by spoiled college kids and out-of-touch 20-somethings, has many benefits. Roberts cites his favorite as making his own hours, not having a dress code, and the overwhelming sense of gratification he gets when he catches a glimpse of his reflection in the bathroom of a local gym before getting thrown out.

At press time, Roberts was reportedly finally going to start writing that book he’s always wanted to write immediately after he found a new box to live in and learned to read.