High Museum’s Newest Exhibit to Explore “Art of The Batshit Political Bumper Sticker”

PHOTO: Craig Allen

ATLANTA, GA–High Museum Director Palét Niephe announced this morning via press conference that the museum’s latest exhibit would explore a “rich local tradition” of the batshit political bumper sticker.

Though the exhibit is titled “Socialism! Socialism!”, Niephe says works will be curated to focus on the full, rich, two-color political spectrum of batshit bumper stickers. “Batshit insane assnecks are everywhere around us,” said Niephe, spreading his arms as though to encompass all of Georgia. “We celebrate all of their work. Thanks, Obama!”

The museum hopes that attendees will agree that the stark colors and shitty typeface choices — combined with political views so far out of left field that not even a magical baseball field stacked full of Kevin Costners could dream them up — will amount to thought-provoking art.

Niephe says most of the pieces shown will be photographed, but a few wackos will be asked to park their sticker-plastered vehicles inside. An even more exclusive few of those wackos will be invited to accost museum visitors and even passersby on the Peachtree Street sidewalk.

“It’s a unique opportunity for our members who neither drive nor go on Facebook to be exposed to political wackoism first hand,” said Niephe. “After all, 911 was an inside job. Impeach Bush!”