Gubernatorial Hopeful Jason Carter Vows Candidacy Free of “What’s the Deal” Jokes

PHOTO: Jason Carter for Governor

Jason Carter, Georgia state senator and grand nephew of lauded 70s bon vivant Billy Carter, has vowed that his candidacy to oust Nathan Deal from the governor’s seat of Georgia will be free of jokes which focus on Deal’s surname. Carter’s campaign has stated publicly that he has made this promise to the people of Georgia despite Deal jokes being “soooo easy to make and freakin’ hilarious.”

“I want the people of Georgia to know that I work hard for them,” said Carter. “I will not sarcastically ask Governor Deal ‘What’s the Deal with that,’ nor will I ham it up by referring to any ‘raw Deal.'”

When pressed for answers as to whether Carter or members of his campaign made any Deal puns behind closed doors, Carter was vague.

“I think everyone who works on my campaign has a great sense of humor, and if a pun slipped out they’d be able to deal with it.” Carter then covered his mouth with one hand, and remarked, “Shit. Okay now don’t print that. That one was an accident.”


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