Great Atlanta Punoff 2014 Results!

So sorry you're poor.

Tired of the same old April 1st jokes, we decided to do something a little different this year: an Atlanta pun contest. We called on you to represent your Atlanta neighborhood by crafting a pun, and you rose to the challenge.

We were also pleased to get iconic Atlanta music and comics shop Criminal Records on board. They agreed to provide a free, unguided tour of their shop to all entrants, plus a tee and a gift card to two lucky winners.

The puns are in and the judges have donned their night black robes. The candles have been lit, the incantations have been spoken, and the goat has been tickled. We are pleased to present the results!

Honorable Mentions

Prize: Free unguided tour of Criminal Records

Straight out of the gate, @morelandwords attempted to sabotage Decatur with this one, but the judges know full well that he and his lovely bride to be call Midtown home. No dice, pal.

The competition hotted up thanks to a strong showing from the #FAFATL community, which is especially awesome because we love what they do. We saw puns from @mayanrelic, @oohoohaah, @EllyFontArt, and several from @craneium_atl.

We also saw a number of strong entries from @sliliconchef, who had the unfettered bravado to rep the entire city of ATL. Kudos to you, sir.

We even saw two Kirkwood residents, who apparently are friends, submit the same Star Trek joke developed in parallel, first by @mikeyweigand and then by @charlieholder. The trouble with twitters, eh?

First Loser

Prize: Criminal Records Gift Card!

Everyone who participated did great work, but not everyone appealed to the judges’ cold, black hearts in accordance with our completely subjective criteria.

That said, we loved this entry from @ant1roll1 for its punderous municipal commentary and deft hashtag work:


Congrats, @ant1roll1! But there was one entry we loved even more.

The Great Puntificator

Prize: Criminal Records Tee!

What makes a contest winning pun? Well, we have no idea. This is the first pun contest we’ve ever heard of.

What we do know for sure, though, is we loved this tweet’s mix of wordplay and sensible precautionary gynecology. Say hello to 2014’s winner and Great Puntificator, @blandhack!


Nice work everyone. This was fun. Thanks for participating, and thanks Criminal Records for helping out with a touch of shwag!


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