Governor Deal Bans Entry to Georgia for The Fugees

PHOTO: The Fugees

ATLANTA, GA–Governor Deal, in haste to garner whatever press he can in the wake of the terror attacks in Paris, took a bold stand this morning against 90’s hip hop artists The Fugees, denying them access to Georgia and calling upon President Obama to assist Homeland Security in questioning their backgrounds.

“We just can’t let in any more of these Fugees,” Deal said, speaking from a lectern at a press conference. Keith Croker, Deal’s top aide, was seen scrambling to whisper in Deal’s ear at this point but was pushed away by the governor.

Deal continued: “I know we’re supposed to be some kind of melting pot or somesuch, but I’ve heard these Fugees are some kinda hot button whatever, and I say there’s no place for them in Georgia cause they’re all dang terrorists.”

A cliché disembodied voice, understood to belong to a reporter, called out, “Sir, are you sure you mean 90’s hip hop artists the Fugees? …are not allowed into Georgia?”

“Yes, damn it!” Deal said, his voice a distorted bellow over the loudspeakers. The governor then glared about the room for a moment and concluded the press conference by saying, over his shoulder, “Sicka these dang Fugees!”

The Fugees ( hits include “Killing Me Softly,” and “Ready or Not,” but the group disbanded in 2005. Neither Lauryn Hill nor Wyclef Jean were available for comment as of press time. Pras Michel, third Fugee, could not be contacted through his Myspace page.