Governor Deal Announces Support for Same Sex Friendship

Governor Nathan deal enjoying a same-sex friendship with a plane driver. PHOTO: @Absolutspaceguy, Flickr

GOVERNORS MANSION–Georgia Governor Nathan Deal announced via press release today his unwavering support of same sex friendships, vowing to fight for platonic partnerships in every corner of the state.

Political leaders nationwide are likely to follow the governor’s lead in an attempt to gain some of the media attention the President generated upon his announcement of support for same-sex marriage.

“I’ll be straight with you,” began Lyden Deloafers, Gov. Deal’s media representative, “We’re a Republican team here, but I have to hand it to Obama. No one in the politics game realized until last week how powerful announcing support for obvious stuff could be.”

Deloafers went on to reveal that the Governor called an emergency brainstorming session once it was clear how incisive Obama’s support for basic human decency had been.

“We threw out idea after idea. We were pretty sure we were going to go with gravity for a while there. I mean, who doesn’t support gravity, right?” Deloafers continued.

Other ideas included support for the color blue being cool, driving camouflage trucks being awesome, and even some tacit support for allowing Georgians to call soccer “football,” currently an offense punishable by ignorant scorn.

Alabama Governor Bob Riley’s office released the following statement regarding Governor Deal’s announcement:

Dang it, we should have thought of that one. Nice work, Deal. Smell ya later.

Though it is unclear at this time what effect on the political landscape the new trend of announcing support for basic human decency in legislative form will have, for now, the Governor’s team is enjoying their success.