Government Employees Proud to be Part of Historic Shutdown

Man, this is great! PHOTO: Zoe Rudisil

WASHINGTON, DC–From park rangers to cleanup crews, furloughed government employees are bursting with pride this morning at being included in a historic government shutdown. Though some argue that the workers need their pay to provide food and shelter for their families, the workers themselves say the warm glow of participating in the governmental process as laid down by our forefathers is more than enough to make up for any shortcomings.

Mary Anne Feinter is a box office employee at the Statue of Liberty. “I feel like Benjamin Franklin right now,” said Feinter, 35. “And my kids could stand to lose a little weight, so they won’t mind missing the meals.”

Feinter points out that anyone can travel to our nation’s capitol and tour landmarks or write letters to their representatives, but to be actually swept up in the machinations of government is a rare treat.

“I am going to use this time away from gainful employment wisely,” said Feinter. “By studying our nations constitution line by line, and then maybe eating it.”