God Threatens To Leave Georgia Over Anti-Gay Bill


Adding His voice to the growing chorus of dissent over HB 757, the Lord God said in a statement earlier today that He will permanently leave Georgia if the controversial bill is signed.

“This bill is an affront to My people. I will not support, in any way, the sanctioning of discrimination against my LGBT children, no matter what incentives or tax breaks the state of Georgia offers.”

The Almighty’s words echo those of major studios such as Marvel, 21st Century Fox, and Disney, who have all threatened to relocate should Governor Deal sign the bill — not to mention the increasing number of celebrities who have vowed not to work in Georgia should the bill become law.

The so-called “religious liberty” bill, currently awaiting action from the governor, would grant faith-based groups the right to deny service to individuals or groups to whom they object. Such organizations could also refuse to hire or retain employees whose lifestyles are deemed objectionable by those organizations.

The Great I Am went further in His statement condemning the legislation:

“As Creator of the Universe, I have always been committed to diversity and inclusion for all. While I would be disappointed to abandon the good works I have begun in Georgia, I will not compromise My integrity through even tacit approval of a bill that so corrupts My good and loving nature.”

When asked where He would go in the event that HB 757 becomes law, the Almighty answered, “I dunno. Louisiana, I guess? I heard New Orleans is pretty cool.”