Georgia’s Unemployment Rate Rises to Tweetable Levels

Let's all tweet our problems away PHOTO: Flazingo Photos

ATLANTA–With a brand new white guy hoping to wrest the keys of the governor’s office from the current gubernatorial white guy, tweetable problems with the running of the state of Georgia are highly sought after. The Georgia Department of Labor announced yesterday that the unemployment level has risen to a level suitable for punditry.

“Oh yeah, you can totally tweet about this,” said Maidie Allup, director. “It’s up to eight point one now.”

The current figure is less than some previous figures, but also more than some other previous figures, and it is predicted to be either less than, more than, or the same as some figures announced in the future.

When questioned about how the figure got to its current level, Allup was cagey. “I can’t tell you how we come up with the number, what it means, or if a anyone can affect it. But I damn sure know you can talk about it and put it on Twitter,” she said.