Georgia to Add Swastika License Plate in 2015


ATLANTA, GA–Continuing its dedication to being the most backward state imaginable in as petty a way as it can think of, the State of Georgia announced yesterday (as reported by our friends at the AJC) that citizens will be able to purchase a license plate as pictured above with the Confederate battle flag emblazoned upon it. In 2015, the state will introduce the second plate pictured with a swastika symbol over the background.

“It’s not about hate, it’s about heritage,” said Raymond “Ray” Seiste, spokesman for the Sons of Third Reich Veterans, group responsible for the image on the swastika plate. “But then again, we do kind of have a heritage of hate, so, uh- … I’ve reached a logical cul-de-sac but you know what I mean.”

Norm Algye, shop owner, 56, upon being showed images of the plates, asked reporters to get “the hell out of” his shop.

Georgia’s heritage of flying racially and ethnically sensitive images goes back to 1956, when the inoffensive state flag was altered to include the Confederate Battle Flag. The image of the confederate battle flag won in a vote of Georgia legislators, edging out a flag depicting a woman being chained to a kitchen stove.

“Wow, not even we would pull something like that,” said Phillip Flopce, Florida resident on vacation in Atlanta. “That’s some weapons grade back-asswardness.”


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