Georgia Medical Marijuana to be Distributed via Schoolyard Bullying Tactics

PHOTO: Mattysflicks

ATLANTA, GA–Legal marijuana for medicinal use will be distributed in Georgia by means of schoolyard bullying tactics normally reserved for keeping a child’s bookbag or shoes from them. The prescriptions will be written out as normal, but then held over patient’s heads and jerked away at the last minute as they reach for it.

“You can’t get it can you? Come on, try. Haha! You loser!” said Doctor Scott Farkas, flapping an example of a prescription above your correspondent’s head. “Little reporter can’t reach a prescription. Hee hee!”

The tactics used are part of a continuing program to move the state of Georgia forwardish kind of, and may also be employed if and when Georgia sees a marriage equality breakthrough.

“I’m gonna leave your prescription here on the desk. Just grab it,” said Dr. Farkas, who then snatched it away when reporters reached for it. He then pretended he was going to strike reporters with his fist, and laughed when they recoiled from the strike. “Haha! Sucker.”