Georgia May Soon Legalize Medical Marriage Equality

We're close, people! PHOTO: See-Ming Lee

ATLANTA, GA–The state of Georgia is moving closer to the legalization of marriage equality in cases where residents can demonstrate that not being able to marry someone they deeply love is affecting their medical health. Doctors say the legislation could be a real boost for some patients.

“Some people just get easily depressed, and in those cases, being in a committed relationship with someone they deeply love, regardless of gender, could be a help,” said Dr. Phil “Shep” Shepard. Dr. Shepard also said

Though the bill has now passed the House and a Senate panel, it still has a long road ahead before becoming law, especially since some Georgia senators aren’t on board.

“Love is something a male can only feel for a female,” said Buck Yarself, R-Hall. “My father told me and my sisters that, and he meant it.”