GA Tech Researcher Feels The Need, The Need for Further Study

Damn, it feels good to be a researcher. PHOTO: Razvan Orendovici

ATLANTA–Researcher Pete “Maverick” Mitchell warned colleagues they were on a “highway to the dangerzone” if further research of their findings wasn’t completed. When asked for clarification as to which exact points of the study were in question, Maverick replied only that the answer is classified, saying “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.”

Maverick also added, seemingly out of context, “I was inverted.”

“Maverick, if you keep going the way you’re going, you’re grounded!” barked tough-as-nails director Rick “Jester” Heatherly, who revealed that Maverick’s reckless research style might stem from his father, Duke Mitchell’s, mysterious death in a research library ten years ago.

Maverick also met resistance from Tom “Iceman” Kazansky, but later impressed Iceman with his researching abilities and formed a lifelong friendship, telling the Iceman he could “ride [his] tail anytime.”