Fifteen Dead in WABE Public Radio Pledge Drive


ATLANTA, GA — NPR affiliate, WABE, is under scrutiny for guilt tactics used in its spring fund raiser. Atlanta Police say the powerful feelings of guilt WABE’s tactics inspire have contributed to the deaths of at least 15 locals.

In a suicide note penned by longtime-listener Matt Pittes, the deceased said, “I have given all I can to public radio. All I have left to offer is my life.”

On Tuesday, a family of four crashed through barriers on 285 into the Chattahoochee River. Investigators say the sole survivor, 12 year old daughter Lydia, was heard saying “Cornerstone Society” over and over. The car radio was tuned to 90.1 FM.

Listeners admit this pledge drive has been especially brutal. “They keep saying how disappointed they are that I’m not donating”, said Maria Folles. “It reminds me of my father. Denis O’Hayer even sounds like him.”