Entire City Forgot to Take Photograph of President Obama


ATLANTA, GA–President Barack Obama spoke at Georgia Tech yesterday, delivering a message of empowerment and increased financial support for college students. The president called Georgia Tech a “bargain,” which led some analysts to guess that he might have priced some midtown condos while in the area.

Unfortunately, the entire city forgot to photograph the President. Not one smart phone or digital camera was raised. Attendees are baffled, but for the most part appear unapologetic.

“I enjoyed hearing the leader of our nation speak. I even got to briefly shake his hand,” said Polly Teeks, quantum prestidigitation graduate student. “But I completely forgot to pull out my phone for a photo. Whoops.”

The President also visited local democratic/journalist hugging locale Manuel’s Tavern, where he reportedly played darts and shook a few hands. But yet again, no one remembered to photograph his actions.

“I guess I was just content to have an experience without trying to get a photo of it,” said Virgil Nia-Hillands, local resident. “I mean, that’s what a memory is, right?”

Members of the professional media say they remembered to photograph the President, but by the time they did he’d already boarded Air Force One. The plane’s engines forced them to turn away before any snaps could be taken, as seen in this AJC Photo by Curtis Compton:

PHOTO: AJC/Curtis Compton
PHOTO: AJC/Curtis Compton

Perhaps on his next visit a few snaps can be taken.