Emory, GA Tech Staffs in Landscaping Twitter Feud

Emory's Quad under fire for not enough fertilizer. PHOTO: NatShots Photography

ATLANTA–The facilities management personnel at Emory and Georgia Tech engaged in a bitter social media feud this week after Emory facilities head Darby Wright visited Tech’s campus. Wright remarked on Twitter that he thought GA Tech’s lawns looked a bit over-mowed. Wright’s counterpart at Tech, Wendel Klaerd, then responded with this vicious tweet:

WKlaerd1971: Over mowed? Your wife is over mowed, Wright. Everyone knows Emory’s shrubs look like shower drain hair thrown on a brush pile.

Which resulted in this return salvo from Wright:

WrightStuff6969: I was being kind, Klaerd. The Tech Square lawn looks like it was trimmed by three feral cats dragging a string trimmer.

And this response from Klaerd:

WKlaerd1971: You need to step back before I prune you, son. And work on your shrubbery, fa real. More like SHITTERY.

Though Wright failed to respond to his shrub work being referred to as “shittery,” causing some to award the twitter feud win to Klaerd, Wright appeared unconcerned, posting Instagram photos of a flowerbed with the caption “Perennials for millenials up in this bitch.”


  1. The Emory dudes have it down when it comes to awesome seasonal color,athletic fields, and trees. Poor Tech, sits in a concrete jungle, few women, no song, and clear whiskey only. I do not mean to suggest that the Grounds guys are drinking during the day.

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