Elf on a Shelf Locked Daddy and Babysitter in the Bathroom

Oh man this elf is so tricky. PHOTO: Mark Baylor

CUMMING, GA–Flaerts family children Cody, 7, and Mikayla, 10, were awakened just after bedtime tonight to discover Daddy locked in the hall bathroom with babysitter Summer Watkins, 23. Daddy and Summer were evidently trapped when the coat rack standing across the hall fell over and hooked itself into the bathroom’s doorknob.

Daddy says the Elf on a Shelf must have tipped the coat rack over when Summer asked him to take a look at a plumbing issue, trapping them both inside. The hapless pair were left with no alternatives but to shout and bang on the bathroom door until Mikayla and Cody came down to free them.

Summer nodded quite a lot, retrieved her coat from the coat rack, and then left.

Though the Elf on the Shelf was still in the living room where he’d been discovered that morning apparently eating cookies, Daddy is sure that this is just more of the elf’s tricks, and Mommy won’t be interested.

“I know, I know, I want to tell Mommy too, but she’s working late tonight and you two should be in bed,” said Daddy. “You have to be good so the Elf on a Shelf will get up to even more mischief, okay?”

Sources close to the family report that this is one of those secret tricks the Elf on a Shelf plays on grownups and children aren’t supposed to know, so let’s not tell Mommy because she probably won’t be interested anyway, and also it’s way past bedtime.