Editor’s Corner: The Goats In Trees 2014 Calendar Mini Saga


Hello, Atlanta. Your editor/social pariah/intern James Hodgson here.

Last week I recorded a short video intended to address what I felt was our media’s needless desire for blame. Featured in the background of that video, as can be seen below, is one of my prized possessions, the Goats In Trees 2014 calendar.

Friend of the Banana and friend to myself, Kyle Torok, posted the following question in the comments section of that video, and we responded:



Kyle Torok: What breed of goat is that, and in what manner of tree is it perched?

The Atlanta Banana: Sad to say that information isn’t listed. What we do know is that the photo was taken by Jack Hobhouse in 2013. Google research reveals a Jack Hobhouse in London who is an architectural photographer.

We have reached out to mister Hobhouse via email and will update you with any further information.

As promised, I send the following email to Mr Hobhouse:

Hello Mr. Hobhouse. I write to you from America. It’s like England but fatter and freedom-er.

I run a satirical web site in Atlanta Georgia known as The Atlanta Banana. It’s here: https://atlbanana.com.

I recorded a short video this morning attempting to poke fun at our local media, in the background of which is one of my most prized christmas gifts of 2014, the Goats In Trees 2014 calendar. Though the gist of the video is likely lost on a Londoner, you can see it here: http://youtu.be/JMpcIC9e4t0

You can see the Goats In Trees calendar here. The goat in question is January.

One of our readers asked if we have any further information about the goat in question or the tree in which it is perched. They’re making a joke by asking us, of course, but I’m hoping to turn it around on them by actually finding further information. I wonder if you are the same Jack Hobhouse credited for the photo? I found your site via the Google.

Thanks in advance. Hope you are well.

I am pleased to report that I have received the following kind, although somewhat troubling, email from Mr. Hobhouse himself:

Hi James,

It is i, indeed. I am enlightened to see that my images have been used to such great purpose, not only in the Goats In Trees calendar, but also reaching a wider audience via your newscast.

I can tell you that the goat (and tree) are located somewhere outside of Essaouira in Morocco, and also (somewhat shockingly) that this goat in particular did not ascend the tree voluntarily. I had heard the legend of goats in north Africa climbing trees to eat leaves and nuts, and pulled over when i saw this goat filled tree by the roadside. As i pulled out my camera a Moroccan man emerged from beneath the tree demanding money in return for the photos. The goats had clearly been driven up the tree in order to produce this money spinning roadside attraction… I duly obliged with a feeling of some guilt. I am reminded of my guilt at funding this forced tree climbing as this image has become a good seller with my stock library. As such i see a good return on my investment of a few pence but have to live with the knowledge that i have funded the misery and humiliation of the goats.


And now you know (dramatic pause, which was remarkable at the time because radio was relevant and the air time was expensive) the rest (another beat here) of the story.