Drawsomething Game Leads to Subtle Racist Tension


SNELLVILLE–A trendy Facebook and mobile device app leads to a “very uncomfortable realization about subconscious racist tendencies,” says Snellville resident Sarah Wilkerson, regarding her longtime friendship with Atlanta resident Donald Reeves.

The controversy arose when Reeves (33), longtime friend and former schoolmate of Wilkerson (32) had the turn to guess Wilkerson’s drawing. The crudely drawn depiction in question clearly shows an African-American male driving a black sport utility vehicle with oversized aftermarket wheels.

“To be honest, I knew the word was ‘Escalade’ almost immediately,” says Reeves, an African-American Atlanta resident. “Given the letters I had to choose from, it was quite obvious when I saw the outline of what looked like a black SUV.”

He also states however, that he was reluctant to submit the answer because he was “curious to see what [Wilkerson] would add to the picture.”

The incident has, according to Wilkerson, “created an uncomfortable, and possibly irreparable racist tension between us.” She goes on to say, “Yes, I’m white, Donald’s black. I understand why it’s offensive, but it was like ten minutes into the round and he hadn’t guessed a single thing, so I kept adding stuff to it. I guess I just got carried away.”

She added, “I feel horrible.”

The nearly indecipherable final image depicts an African-American holding a gun in one hand, to which Reeves responded, “I thought it was hilarious when she added the gun, the gold fronts, and the chain. I honestly thought it was really cute at the time.” He goes on to say that, ” […] she might have gone a bit too far. The drumstick? Seriously?”

“I would be lying if I said it didn’t change our relationship and the way I think about race relations.” Reeves continued, “But it is just a game after all. I’m sure we’ll work it out.”