Depressed Poet Review: The 2013 Chevrolet Cruz Eco


Oh, God, I can barely even drag mine body to Starbucks to compose poetry. No one even notices me there, even with the word “POET” on the lid of mine laptop. Would that someone might shine a light into my dark life with a simple hello. Perhaps that delectable plump barista, Cheryl?

Alas. No.

Ah, me. Mayhap I can let a few words of verse slip forth in review of the 2013 Chevrolet Cruz Eco. If the moon be right. Oh, woe. Sisyphusian, I press on.

Anon, my art begins.

An Ode to the 2013 Chevrolet Cruz Eco

Oh, ye fine metallic blue,
How reflected am I,
Is my soul?
Thirty-one miles upon thine gallon.

Five year of a man’s life.
A man’s prime.
But warranty the powertrain still,
Limited. Limited. Like unto happiness.

Cruz indeed unto the horizon
Cruz indeed unto the horizon

I do not wish upon a star
but I revel in your OnStar
If SLAP I have crashed into
some shit.

I navigate by star and satellite
NAY. Nay… sighing nay.

The cruz also will play thine MP3s
The cruz also will play thine MP3s

Trunk, rear compartment, by any name,
Thou art quite roomy.
A golf bag fits nicely thus,
But I have none, ere I pawned them for filthy lucre.

alas, alas

Thou art quite roomy
Thou art quite roomy

Oh, clean burning engine. I cannot lie to thee.
Pull me whence I must go.
Probably to mine place of employment.
Which sucks balls.

It is not your fault, Cruz Eco.
It is not my fault, Cruz Eco.
It is but my crushed ego.
It is but my brushed teeth woe.



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