Cold Weather Diminishes Woman’s Scooter Zeal

You should totally buy a scooter. Except for months like this one. PHOTO: bufferchuck

ATLANTA–Local scooter enthusiast Pepper Aimes’s typical office chatter about how great it is to commute on her Vespa was toned down today by temperatures in the twenties with wind chill in the teens. After prying her nearly-frozen fingers off the scooter, Aimes was uncharacteristically quiet on the walk to her cubicle at Great Indemnity Mutual Life Insurance offices.

“Damn,” remarked Bud Charles, coworker. “I guess that thing ain’t got a heater, huh. Pepper’s shivering like a wet cat in the fridge.”

Charles went on to explain that Aimes had treated the office to many a chipper diatribe on the merits of scooter commuting in the fall, when daily highs were in the seventies.

“Hey Frank!” Charles shouted over his cubicle wall, “Your heater work in your car? Yeah, mine does too! Ain’t that something? Gonna be cold tomorrow too, I hear!”

Aimes refused to comment on the weather, instead warming her hands over the toaster oven in the break room and offering insight on her coworkers.

“Those guys are jerks,” she said.