Clown College Announces Discovery of Hobo-Bozo Particle

The proud research team is available for birthdays.

WEST END–Atlanta’s Clown College has announced today that researchers have successfully completed their years-long search for the Hobo-Bozo particle.

Postulated in 1964 by Hobo the Clown, sidekick to Bozo on WGN Chicago’s syndicated Bozo The Clown show, the particle explains comedy, one of the most fundamental properties of a joke. According to Hobo’s theory, all jokes move through a field, known as a Hobo Field after Hobo himself. The strength at which the joke interacts with the Hobo Field corresponds to that joke’s eventual comedy.

“You can think of it like paparazzi,” said Clown College professor Dandy the Tramp. “Imagine if Bozo himself were walking down a Chicago street in the mid-eighties. Children and adults would crowd around him, and he wouldn’t be able to move very fast. Other, lesser known clowns such as myself can walk down any street in the world without a single person giving a shit.”

Hobo himself was present at the announcement ceremony. Though he lost his voice box to throat cancer, he showed his pleasure at having his theory proven after so many years by the tasteful but energetic honking of a large brass horn with a rubber bulb on one end.

“What’s that, Hobo?” Dandy asked. “Oh, yes, that was six honks and a pause for ‘I am pleased that my theory has been accepted.’ The honk communication system is cumbersome, but the man’s a genius after all.”

“He’s not just some clown,” Dandy said in conclusion.