City Plans Fake Party, Tricks Cabbagetown Into Cleaning Up Krog Tunnel

PHOTO: Josh Hallett

ATLANTA–City of Atlanta officials, long annoyed with the graffiti-covered Krog Street tunnel which links Cabbagetown to Inman Park, planned a fake masquerade party for this weekend, purposefully refusing to recognize protests from residents of Cabbagetown. This enraged residents, who pay a premium to have the privilege of living between a train track and a cemetery, and social media lit up with their angry tweets and statuses.

“It really couldn’t have gone better for us,” said Dan Tleicart, Covert Activities Director, who clinked champagne glasses with members of the team who helped trick Cabbagetown. “They painted the whole thing over. No more graffiti for at least a day.”

But edgy wedding photographer Lance Flair isn’t pleased. “I make my living photographing couples who think they’re edgy at Krog Street. God damnit, I’m ruined!”

As for the residents of Cabbagetown, morale is high.

“We really showed them!” yelled a resident who identified himself as the “Banksy” of Cabbagetown. “Now we gotta protest Chomp n Stomp! Everyone stuff yourselves with pizza the night before!”