City of Atlanta Proud of The Way It Has Handled Traffic During 2015 Blizzard

PHOTO: Marshall Holcomb

ATLANTA–The City of Atlanta announced this morning that it is extremely pleased with the way it has handled traffic during the so-called Blizzard of 2015, which has resulted in travel bans and curfews in many northeastern cities.

“Admittedly, we had some trouble with the snowstorm last year,” said Bree Sipitacion, meteorologist and city blizzard spokesperson. “But as you can see, this storm is having no ill effects on Atlanta’s traffic.”

Sipitation went on to speculate that New York City would do well to follow Atlanta’s current example of perfectly drivable streets.

Though there were warnings about black ice in some of the state’s highest mountain passes, commuters on the ground saw no delays other than the soul-crushing delays with which they were all too familiar thanks to a stark lack of proper mass transit.