Casting Call: Who Wants to be a Moderately Famous Asshole

Look at me! Look at me! HEY! Look at me! PHOTO: Indrek Galetin

ATLANTA–Producers of a new reality TV show, titled “Who Wants to be a Moderately famous Asshole,” have announced an open casting call on Friday Nov 1st. Applicants will be asked to be as vapid, petty, and uneducated as possible in front of a panel of judges.

Having one’s own catchphrase already prepared is a “big plus,” say judges, especially if it can be easily reduced to a twitter hashtag, but they’re not required.

This casting call and ones like it are a result of Atlanta’s thriving film TV industry, which sprang up to take advantage of beneficial tax breaks. This influx of entertainment industry has whipped the city into a frenzy of opportunities to annoy famous persons normally only irritated by Atlantans traveling to New York or Los Angeles.

“I just can’t wait to be kinda famous,” said Frank Harnds, 24, who plans to attend the casting call. “Been working on my catchphrase: ‘Those ain’t my beans!'”