Buzzfeed Creates Amazing Fractal of Bullshit

This is broccoli. You can eat it. Those are two discrete thoughts.

INTERNET–Internet web site Buzzfeed has created a mathematical algorithm and paired it with human editorial review to create the world’s deepest fractal of bullshit. Buzzfeed, created to profit from viral content without having to create any content itself, has spawned the Bullshit Fractal, which appears to extend into infinity in all directions.

A fractal is a geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole, as demonstrated by the Romanesco Broccoli (Brassica oleracea) pictured above. This phenomenon is known as self-similarity, a property epitomized by the Buzzfeed Bullshit Fractal, which is bullshit in every possible dimension.

On September 15th, the 2013 Miss America pageant was held, a contest which has been bullshit since 1921. Upon the crowning of the pageant’s winner, Buzzfeed searched high and low on Twitter and other social media sites for bullshit comments made about her, compiling them into one of its customary lists. This time, however, the bullshit was in reference to bullshit, thus exhibiting self-similarity. The Buzzfeed Bullshit Fractal was born.

Sadly for humanity, this feedback loop ensured that the very bullshittiest ideas ever voiced by the dregs of humanity would travel as far as possible.

The Buzzfeed Bullshit Fractal then grew by another generation when actual news sites reported the bullshit collected by Buzzfeed. Simultaneously, Facebook and Twitter users, unaware that Buzzfeed is itself bullshit, posted the bullshit to their own feeds.

As of press time, no one appears to be ashamed of creating this Fractal of Bullshit, let alone giving voice to a myriad of ignoramuses and racists, which some experts agree is the bullshittiest bullshit of all.


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