Business Networker Not Sure if This is Pro-Streetcar or Anti-Streetcar Crowd

PHOTO: Open data Institute

ATLANTA, GA–Local web developer Phil Stecky attended a business networking event Monday evening with no prior knowledge of whether the other attendees would be for or against Atlanta’s streetcar. Calls and texts to colleagues were either not returned or provided no information.

“It’s a big problem,” said Stecky, speaking to reporters on the walk between his car and the event, held at a Midtown chain restaurant. “Most of my current events material is Streetcar based. I have jokes for and jokes against. But without knowing my audience, I could really do damage to my business.”

Stecky says he never says no to a networking event because he read in a book that he should never say no to a networking event. “Obviously the author knew what he was talking about, because the book networked with me,” said Stecky.

As of press time, Stecky’s plan was, upon meeting each new person, to hold up his iPhone with a photo of the streetcar displayed, and then adjust his material based on the response.