Bullshit Bill with Bullshit Title Bullshitted About by Bullshitters

PHOTO: Robert Wilson

ATLANTA, GA–Bullshitter Frank Watson bullshitted with fellow bullshitter Denton “Plucky” Childers this week, though neither bullshitter benefitted from a basis for his bullshit.

Watson and Childers, though both well seasoned in the art and science of bullshit with specializations in talking point bullshit and irrelevant belief bullshit respectively, failed to culminate their posturing and name calling with a physical altercation. Which, according to bystanders, is, itself, bullshit.

“I thought they were going to slap each other,” said Silas Billings, retiree and amateur bullshitter. “Read my fucking blog.”

“I was raised by my mama to be kind,” bullshitted Watson, who was raised by a television. “And this bill would cause my dear, sweet mama to turn over in her grave, and then be consumed entirely, toes first, by hot snakes.”

“I have read every word of this bill,” bullshitted Childers, whose bullshit horn rims were forgotten in his bullshit SUV. “And it makes me sick. I vomited into a hat.” [Childers fears and does not wear hats. –Ed.]

It is not clear at this time who could possibly make any sense of this bullshit. So, instead, here are some bullshit tweets by random bullshitters.

[Tweets deleted. –Ed.]