Brave Atlantan Runs 1K to Raise Awareness Awareness

PHOTO: Elvert Barnes

ATLANTA–Brave Atlantan, Harold Pitts, has announced to Facebook this morning his intention to run a distance of 1000 “meters,” also known as a “kilometer” or “baby mile.” The run will take place on a cool morning in the fall, and heaping tables of food and water will be provided for entrants so that they do not somehow manage to expire on the perfectly flat course.

Pitts said he will put himself through this torture in order to raise awareness about awareness.

“I hope that people will donate money to my cause,” said Pitts, 32, in his Facebook status update. “That money will be used to get even more people to donate, which will then raise awareness that something called awareness definitely needs to be raised. So come on! For charity!”

Atheletes Raising Awareness Awareness director, Don Nations, said athletes like Pitts are truly helping to make the semblance of a difference.

“It’s all about awareness,” said Nations. “Getting people to like, or favorite, or donate money is so important to us. And turning that into more people who realize they should like or favorite or donate is our mission.”