Boutique Resto to Feature Plates with Attached iPhone Stands

PHOTO: pinguino k (source)

ATLANTA, GA–Swedish-born entrepreneur and head chef Bjorn Børkbørk has announced that his new boutique resto, Entre Moi, will feature plates that have a built-in iPhone bracket. The menu will offer small bites that the chef says will be easy for patrons to eat by themselves while preoccupied with their phones.

“Fur yurs I hurv-ey furht agursty turbie de peepie looky urr der phurney ur phurtergruphie durr foodie,” said Børkbørk. “Urbviursie dursdie wurdie wordis nur. Wur de furdie?”

“For years I have fought against tables of people all looking at their phones or photographing their food,” said Børkbørk’s translator. “Obviously that’s the way the world is now. Why fight it?”

Børkbørk then demonstrated the bracket for reporters, showing that it could be used to photograph one’s dish, to watch videos while eating, or both.

The chef said he considered hiring a photographer to take a photo of each plate as it left the kitchen which he would then make available to patrons to upload to their various social media accounts, but testing indicated patrons would rather take the photo themselves.

“Uveryone’s ur furking phurturiegruphie nur,” the chef said.

“It didn’t test well,” said his translator.