Atlanta Pelted With Instagram Sized Hail Stones

Hail stones which pelted Atlanta yesterday were the perfect size to be shittily photographed. PHOTO: Brian Hursey

ATLANTA–The city was set upon by a hailstorm late yesterday which produced hail stones perfectly sized to fit in an Instagram image. Area meteorologists have predicted that future Instagram-sized hail stones could fall at any time.

“Well, you know, as meteorologists, we really don’t know when, or even if, anything will happen. I’m not actually certain this conversation is taking place,” said Brian Cloudice, PhD. “I give it an eighty percent chance.”

Cloudice did confirm, however, that Instagram photos of any and every weather event are a certainty.

“Remember that foggy day last week, when people went nuts with the pictures? I almost went into a coma from the boredom, and I did my Master’s thesis on fog,” said Cloudice.

The Atlanta Banana cautions citizens to wait until the hailstones have ceased falling to run outside with their cell phones, lest they get pelted on the melon.